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Jenna Essence Cocoberry Lotion 100 ml

Jenna Essence Cocoberry Lotion 100 ml

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Cocoberry Instant Whitening Face and Body Lotion
New partner of Cocoberry Soap that helps you to RESTORE, RENEW, AND REFRESH your skin 
Get your skin brighter with Cocoberry Face and Body Lotion.

  • Formulated with top quality whitening ingredients.
  • Lakas maka kutis mayaman! 
  • Ang bango ng lady scent  malamang yung baby scent din 
  • Instant whitening effect
  • Hindi namumuo
  • Skin Hydration.
  • Smoothing Matte Finish.
  • SPF50+ UVA UB Protection
  • Lady Scent
  • #JennaEssence #Cocoberry #CocoberryLotion #WhiteningLotion # COCOBERRY Serum Gel Lotion SPF-50  250ml
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