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Kojie-San Skin Lightening Lotion 100ml

Kojie-San Skin Lightening Lotion 100ml

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Benefits of Kojie-San skin lightening Lotion 100g

This body lotion contains a blend of natural ingredients includes Kojic Acid, Rose Hip Oil, Collagen and Vitamin E for youthful, healthy looking skin.

- Brightens to reduce the appearance of dark spots and skin blemishes
- Use with glutathione and whitening soap to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation
- Leave skin feeling softer, moisturized, and wonderfully supple
- Rose Hip Oil a natural source of anti-oxidants to keep skin feeling and looking young.
- Skin looks and feels amazing!

Kojie San products are beloved worldwide for their naturally based and scientifically supported benefits. Love your skin with Kojie San.

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