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Pau Liniment

Pau Liniment

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Pau Liniment is your quick, safe and long-lasting relief from mild to moderate pain problems. Unlike oral pain relievers, Pau Liniment allows introduction of treatment directly to the affected area. It has PSICAPMO extract, an active ingredient only found in Pau Liniment which reduces pain and inflammation.

The PSICAPMO extract in PAU LINIMENT seeps deep within layers of skin to reach target joints, muscles, and connecting tissues. It likewise effectively reduces the underlying swelling for much deeper freedom from pain.

The potent blend of premium herbs in PAU LINIMENT and its soothing scent effectively calms the body to a relaxed state of comfort and ease of mobility.

Make Pau Liniment your all-day trusted companion to ease your problems caused by stress, anxiety and other related pains and discomforts.

Applying Pau Liniment after your shower or bath before bedtime will likewise help you have a restful and better sleep.

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