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Crystal Glow Lychee Fruit Extract Juice

Crystal Glow Lychee Fruit Extract Juice

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Crystal Glow 50,000mg Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Mix, 10 Sachets.


✨CRYSTAL GLOW - Collagen Drink✨






Why Crystal Glow?

🌸Improve appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

🌸Helps treat acne & hyperpigmentation

🌸Acts as an antioxidant on the skin

🌸Boost immunity & improve Digestion

🌸No after taste!!!


⭐️ Here's something that you'll surely love!

COLLAGEN DRINK in Lychee with so much health benefits! It contains 5,000MG Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen. We are KETO FRIENDLY too!! It can also help you lose weight with proper diet and consistent intake.



✨White Grape

✨Aloe Vera

✨Sakura Extract


✨Goji Berry


✨Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen


✨Reduced L-Glutathione

✨Garcinia Cambogia



🌸You can take up to 3x a day (anytime!)

🌸Best if you take it in the morning and/or before bedtime

🌸10 sachets/box

🌸Perfect with ice!

PLEASE NOTE THAT the packaging appearance of the item may not be exactly the same as shown in the pictures as the manufacture may change the look of the packaging every now and then; but the contents are the same.


SAFETY: always consult your doctor before starting any new dietary supplement.


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