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Luxcent Luminous Caps

Intelligent antioxidant formulated in japan promotes cell renewal and cell restoration protects cells from free radicals slowing premature aging and sagging. This unique formula is synergestically combined with essential glutathione boosters and B vitamins to encourage celllular metabolism for cell repair hydration and rejuvenation

Taking your daily dose of Luxcent caps will not only make your skin healthy and beautiful it will also make you feel better and more confident!
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✔️ Glowing skin just 1week!
✔️ Antioxidant and detoxifier
✔️ Lightens dark spots & acne spots
✔️ Heals dry damaged skin
✔️ Better sleep
✔️ Reduces Fine lines and wrinkles
✔️ Tighten facial pores. Improves saggy skin
✔️ Reduces Stress hormones
✔️ Rejuvenate skin cells
✔️ Good for muscle and mental health
✔️ Prevents early signs of aging
✔️ Removes Toxins and Heavy metals in our body

✔️ 60capsules good for 1month
✔️ 2 caps a day
✔️ Made in a worldclass fda approved facility in USA
✔️ Exclusive unique formula
hundreds of satisfied clients & still counting


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